AMCA Wulfsport British Masters Motocross Championship

AMCA Present The Wulfsport British Masters Championship


The Amateur Motorcycle Association –

Motocross Event Support

Today the AMCA’s 100+ motocross clubs manage in excess of 400 events each season with more than 70,000 entries. The Association’s Cannock (Staffordshire) headquarters oversee planning, scheduling, programmes and entries for these events as well as providing a comprehensive event infrastructure, ongoing management support and financial assistance to clubs.

Motocross Transponders

New for 2009 was the introduction of transponders and electronic timing for all motocross riders. This initiative, the first of its type in this country has greatly streamlined event timing and allowed riders and other interested parties unprecedented access to information on individual performances and race results at a club level. All of which is typically available on the internet in full 24 hours after the event.

Joining an AMCA Motocross club…

If you decide you would like to get involved with the AMCA and its motocross activities the first step is join your local club (you do not have to be a rider to join, clubs are on the lookout for people who will help with the organising). If you have never ridden a bike before a good place to start might be Modern Trials where the speeds are very slow and there is an emphasis on bike control and balance. However if you want to go straight into Motocross the process is simple;

1. Find a local AMCA Motocross club.

2. Contact the club secretary to join the motocross club closest to you and collect a licence application form.

3. Complete the application and return to the AMCA office.

4. Once accepted by the AMCA office you will receive a motocross licence and you can start signing-up for events via the club secretary at club nights!

(Entry Forms for events are dealt with by clubs and not sent to riders individually)

Motocross – Catering for all ages

The AMCA caters for riders of 9 years and above. 9 – 14 year olds race in a separate class called Inter Juniors. New riders aged 15 or under will be issued with a Provisional Licence and will need to take a test before being issued with a full licence. Tests can be carried out at a local motocross event prior to practice but only with prior arrangement with the local Group co-ordinator. If the rider passes the test they will be allowed to race at the event for the normal entry fee (See current Rulebook for fees, available in the ‘download’ section of this site).

Motocross Licences

Details of the cost of a motocross licence can be found below, full details of insurance premiums can be found on the Licence Application Form. All licences are renewable each year on 1 February.  Riders should join a local club and obtain the Licence Application Form from the club. For details of your nearest club refer to the ‘Find a Club’ section of this website.

There are two types of motocross licence, (A and Discretionary), the difference being that ‘A’ type riders pay their insurance with their licence fee at the start of the season (Capital Benefit Only). ‘Discretionary’ type riders pay less for the licence and then pay extra every time they ride to cover them for insurance (Capital Benefits only). Insurance is compulsory for all AMCA riders. Motocross licences are valid for one year from 1st February.

2010 Motocross Licence Costs

  Motocross ‘A’ Youth (Aged 9-15) Motocross ‘A’ Adult
From 1 February £93.00 £140.00
From 1 July £75.00 £100.00
From 1 August £53.00 £80.00
From 1 September £41.00 £60.00
From 1 October £33.00 £50.00

All Prices include Public Liability and Personal Accident Cover

Motocross ‘Discretionary’ £60.00 (Licence Fee only – Insurance paid with Entry Fee)

Motocross Licences renewed after 1 March will incur a Late Renewal Fee of £20.00

2010 Motocross Entry Fees

‘A’ Type Entry Fee in advance £20.00
‘Discretionary’ Type Entry Fee in advance £31.00
‘A’ Type Late Entry Fee £32.00
‘Discretionary’ Type Late Entry Fee £45.00


The Wulfsport British Masters

The Wulfsport British Masters Series is the largest motocross Series in Europe. With its unique rider’s classes we cater for Youth, Amateur and Pro’s over the weekend meetings and paying some of the largest prize money in the United Kingdom.

The Wulfsport British Masters focus on giving their riders the best tracks in the country. With a team of 45 staff every one of whom has a job to do. Joining the Masters is like being part of a large friendly family and we appreciate the great support of all our riders over the years.

We are proud and pleased to be part of the AMCA.