British Masters

British Masters Motocross Championship

The British Masters 2022 schedule has been released.

Since 2002 the British Masters series has been the ideal proving ground for riders to test themselves against some of the best British and GP Championship riders.

A glance through the record books reveals that many prominent riders of today started out in this unique 2-day format series.

Previous Pro Champions

MX1 & MX2 Champions
YearPro MX1Pro MX2
2021Dan ThornhillJohn Adamson
2019Jake ShiptonMartin Barr
2018Elliott Banks-BrowneJosh Gilbert
2017Jake ShiptonLiam Knight
2016Graeme IrwinMartin Barr
2015Kristian WhatleyBryan Mackenzie
2013Kristian WhatleyNeville Bradshaw
2012Sam SimmonsMatt Burrows
2011Darren FowdenJack Jones
2010Scott ElderfieldScott Elderfield
2009Brad AndersonScott Elderfield
Open & 125cc Champions
YearPro OpenPro 125cc
2008Mark HucklebridgeNeville Bradshaw
2007Brad AndersonAshley Greedy
2006Mark HucklebridgeBrad Anderson
2005Jordan RoseDanny Smyth
2004Tanel LeokBrad Anderson
2003Mark HucklebridgeStephen Sword
2002Jamie DobbStephen Sword